Aiello S.r.l.
has been known for the precision and craftsmanship of its products ever since it started business, partly because the company's owners are directly involved in production.

In time the company has acquired great prestige; it specialises in manufacturing stainless steel furnishings, and has also gained a leading position in the field of special furnishings in recent years.

This success is due to a manufacturing process that combines industrial technology with craftsmanship to develop innovative products.
Customer service is available all over Italy, offering rapid, effective, customised solutions, reliability and punctual delivery; the company has maintained these important features over the years despite the increased number of jobs and customers.

Aiello S.r.l. relies on a team of highly skilled professionals and invaluable synergies between the various departments, all of which are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies.
Innovation, professionalism and customer service are the factors which have brought the company renown even outside the region where it is based.